Ways to Improve Fuel Efficiency while RV'ing

With Fuel prices constantly on the rise this year, it has been difficult for most RV owners to get out every weekend and enjoy their rigs. Here are some tips from us on how to improve Fuel Efficiency this summer.

1.) Turn Down the Air Conditioner:

Whether you are pulling your rig or driving a motorhome, Running your AC while driving decreases fuel efficiency. You can save on fuel by only running the AC when necessary or traveling during the cooler times of the year. You’ll be surprised how much just turning the air conditioner in your truck off or down will save you. Being in Arizona, we know how difficult this can be, but if you are traveling North on weekend trips, turning the A/C off whenever possible and rolling down the windows helps tremendously.

2.) Pack Light:

Only pack the necessities for your trip and choose to pack as lightly as possible. Any added weight in your RV will decrease fuel efficiency. Fill up on necessities like groceries, ice, drinks, etc. when you go through the closest town to your camping destination. Travel with your tanks empty and fill your tanks upon arrival at your camping destination.

3.) Check Tire Pressure:

Put reminders in your phone or around your rig to help make a habit out of checking your tire pressure regularly. If your tires aren't inflated properly or all the way, it can cause your rig to use more fuel.

Try to make a habit of checking your tire pressure regularly throughout your trip. Whenever your tires aren’t inflated all the way, it can cause you to use more fuel. We recommend checking tire pressure once a day while on your trip to make sure you catch any tire issues early on.

4.) Stay at a Consistent Speed:

Accelerating your motorhome or while towing your RV, is hard on the engine and pulls more fuel than slowly accelerating. Keep your speed anywhere from 50-60 mph and stay at a consistent speed to get the best miles per gallon.

What tips have helped you save fuel while on the road?

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