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We are the Marley family, and we sold 90 percent of our belongings in order to trade in a life of routine for a life of adventure. We loaded up our two fur babies, and have been traveling around the United States since, finding hidden gems in every single town. We are always on the search for new hikes, Sonic Happy Hour, and of course the best queso we can find. We curate travel guides, RV tips, and D.I.Ys and love sharing our journey with others. Join us as we Unravell this life we live one adventure at a Thyme.

In 2019, we sold 90 percent of our belongings, we hit the road, and we haven’t looked back. We got rid of boxes and boxes of stuff we thought we needed for years only to find a year later, that we didn’t miss one piece of it. We traded 1200 square feet complete with three bedrooms, an office, dining room, and a good sized backyard for a 300 square feet home that attaches to our truck and joins us on our journey.

We transitioned from a sticks and bricks home to a home that rolls down every twist and turn and follows us on every adventure. Along the way we have learned some tips and tricks to take the unknown of RV living and make it easy for others to make the same transition we did. These are a few things that we learned during our adventures and something I would love to know if I was starting out RVing.

Your Routine and Why it Matters:

When you begin RVing you will uncover that there are multiple steps to setting up as well as hooking up your trailer. It helps out so much if you and your family decide beforehand who will do what. Allowing everyone to have jobs that they are in charge of keeps everything organized and keeps your time efficient. For example, my husband always does the outside work (hooking up power, stabilizers, water, etc.), and I always do the inside(slides, decor, setup) and then we switch and check each other.

One thing I tell new RVers time and time again that my biggest piece of advice for people beginning to RV is do... not ...rush. Give yourself adequate time and daylight to double check everything before you hit the road. Being in a hurry is a disaster waiting to happen and can easily transform something that would have taken you two minutes to do into a big mess. You can check out my printable RV checklist here to print or screenshot to have with you on your adventure!

Storage Solutions:

Say it with me, Baskets and bins are your friends. No, but really, getting organized and finding storage for everything in a tiny space is kind of like a game of tetris. One item that we use time and time again are bins with labels, small plastic drawers, and baskets that we can fit everything into. Using baskets and bins allows you to make the most out of every single inch of your space in your tiny home.

Water...The Truth:

Grey, Black, Fresh, City, no matter what water is coming in and out of your RV, you need to make sure you know what to do to clean your tanks. There are a couple of things you can do to keep your tanks clean throughout your adventure and free from smells. One is adding ice and cleaner to your toilet before you hit the road and after you drain your tank. The ice and cleaner will clean your tank while you drive allowing you a smooth and smell free journey.

There are also multiple products you can buy specific for RV toilets that will help keep your tanks from smelling. Another thing we found that truly helped with the smells in our trailer was by flushing the tanks, just make sure when you do you have the grey and black water valves open. Allowing the tanks to be completely flushed out gets all the gunk out of your RV and helps with the smell.

Less space, less things:

After we transitioned to RV life we loaded up our trailer with what we had left and hit the road. Living tiny changes you for the long haul, it changes your mindset on the importance of experience over things and helps you refocus your time into what you love, instead of maintaining more and more things. As we continue to travel down the road, we have learned two things about the stuff that we bring inside the doors of our trailer.

One, you don’t need nearly as much stuff as you think you do which allows you to pass up things in the store you would usually buy, saving space and money. Second is that as you travel and get new intentional items, you will find yourself needing to purge and go through what you already have to fit more.

Yes, we got rid of a ton of our belongings when we first started Full Time RV'ing, but to this day we continue to get rid of items along the way and you will too. Less stuff frees up time for more intentional and focused adventures, don’t be afraid to take random trips to Goodwill throughout your journey.

Whether it be water, storage, setting up, or finding out what to do with all of your things, the RV journey is one that is full of spontaneity, memories, and adventure. No matter where RVing takes you, you will make the most amazing memories that will truly last a lifetime. I hope this article gives you some tips and tricks on how to deal with the small things that arise during RV living and allow you to make the most of your time.

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