10 Top Benefits of Full Time RVing

10 Top Benefits of Full Time RVing

Scrolling through the RV Life hashtag on Instagram, full time RVing looks pretty fabulous. However, we all know social media isn’t reality. So, is RV living really that spectacular?

The short answer is yes. RV life has many pros and cons, but after living on the road for 4 and a half years I know the perks definitely outweigh the struggles. Below are my favorite benefits of full time RVing.

  1. Traveling with your Home: Packing is the least fun part of any vacation. I always put it off until the last minute and I always forget something. Towing or driving your home means, you take all of your belongings with you on every trip. There is no need to check the weather or make a list; just hitch up and go! Always having your home with you also brings comfort and relaxation into our travels. We get to cook our own meals and sleep in our own bed every night.

  2. Traveling with your Pets: We also get to bring our dog and cat along on every vacation. Instead of boarding our pets, we can bring them along to enjoy the outdoors. Ted, our dog, has been on hundreds of hikes and adventures over the last few years. Our cat, Mr. Man, loves hanging outside the RV and having new birds to watch in each campground.

  3. Unlimited Adventure: Exploration and adventure are the main reasons we chose to live in an RV. Having a home on wheels allows you to explore all over the country (and Canada and Mexico). Since moving into an RV four years ago, we have visited several National Parks and hiked in countless state parks. We have gone whitewater rafting, riverboarding (look it up; it is crazy!) and scuba diving. Living in an RV means we have more experiences in one year than we used to have in five.

  4. Quality Time with Friends and Family: Before RV life, we didn’t live close to most of our family, and we had friends all over the country who we typically only saw one weekend a year. Living in an RV, we drive our home to our friends and family for extended visits. During the week or month we are parked near loved ones, we spend so much more quality time with them than we did pre-RV life.

  5. Relationship Growth: When you live in less than 300 square feet, you have no choice but to be close to your spouse physically and emotionally. Although we visit friends often, we spend at least six months of the year in places where we do not know anyone else. Therefore, we have had to figure out how to be together 24 hours a day without getting on each other’s nerves. Living in small quarters away from friends, our communication skills have improved and we have grown closer.

  6. Chasing Summer: Living in an RV, we get to choose the climate we want to live in each season. Personally, we choose to avoid winter like the plague. We spend winters in southern states, such as Arizona or Florida, and travel more frequently in the summer months. Of course, if you prefer four seasons, you can find RV parks in many winter destinations.

  7. Fewer Household Chores: RVs are tiny homes, which means even a deep clean takes less than an hour to complete. A quick clean up typically takes us ten to fifteen minutes. Even better, we are never responsible for our yard, so we never have to spend a beautiful day mowing and weeding the lawn. The time we used to spend on daily chores is now used for exploring or relaxing at the campground.

  8. Life is Lived Outside: With limited indoor living space, we spend much more time outside. We eat meals at picnic tables, and relax in hammocks. When we are in the mountains, we hike frequently, and when we are on the coast, we go to the beach daily. Having less house motivates us to get outside and move more than we ever did before.

  9. Working with a View: Working from the RV, I only have to walk ten feet to get from my bed to my office. It is a pretty incredible commute. Being a digital nomad makes the hours I spend working fly by. Once I am off work, I simply have to close the computer and there is adventure waiting outside the door.

Freedom: Living in an RV provides freedom in many ways. In addition to the flexibility of location, the minimalist lifestyle frees you from consumer culture. Having a home on wheels, gives you the freedom to visit family when you are needed. And, cheesy as it may sound, the experiences you have make you feel free inside.

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