The Final 5% Day

The Final 5% Day

By Rachel Oldenburger from

In an RV renovation, there is always that one day you keep on putting off. That one day you always find a reason to push back. If you have renovated a space before, you know what day I am talking about...

The Final 5% Day

It’s the day when you finish all the tedious little things that are still lingering from your projects. If you are anything like me, you push through the renovation, get your space looking spiffy at 95% done, get that Instagram after-shot, and then you just let the little things that still need to get done, well... linger. Paint touch up, trim pieces, outlet covers. They fall into the lost void of “Oh, I’ll do that next weekend!” but they truly don’t get in the way of you enjoying your space so you never ​really​ get them done.

The key to a quick and successful Final 5% Day is to make two lists. The first list is the TO DO list. Walk around your RV and write down every single thing that still has to get done. Go slow, and even do a second walk through. I am talking about every little thing that you need to finish. Changing light bulbs, painting a piece of trim, caulking nail holes, second or third coats of paint, wall art that still needs to get hung. Everything!

Once you have a thorough list, make your second list. This is your TO BUY list. Write down everything you need to get/buy to complete everything on the to do list.

Then it’s time to get to work. I like to group list items together to get them done quicker. So maybe I’ll look through the list and caulk all areas and putty all nail holes. Then paint touch ups in each area. Then add any hardware or outlet covers that are missing in each space.

The motto that I live by is Wabi Sabi. This means “perfectly imperfect.” You can’t be perfect! Every time you think a project is done, there is always something else that shows up. I like to remind myself that this trailer is a space meant for my family to have fun, so don’t get too bogged down trying to make everything perfect. Get those projects done and then go enjoy your RV!

Here are a few tips to help make your Final 5% Day go smoother:

1. There is a right and a wrong way to touch up paint.​ Don’t just cover chipping paint areas with more paint. It will just continue to chip. Follow these steps to properly fix chipping paint areas.

a. Sand the chipped area with 80 grit sandpaper.

b. Then sand the area with 220 grit sandpaper.

c. Paint the area with a Gripper Primer (I use PPG).

d. Let dry for 1 hour.

e. Sand area with 220 grit sandpaper.

f. Cover with your paint color. Let dry, then cover in one more coat.

2. Caulk is your friend. ​Caulk is great for making a space look finished. You can use white caulk to fill in nail holes, gaps in wood, edges around your kitchen backsplash, flooring around the tub to help waterproof, and so much more! Most silicone paint is not paintable, so make sure you get a paintable caulk if you plan to add paint!

3. Consider changing to LED lightbulbs. ​Since you’re giving everything a once over, you might as well change out all your lightbulbs. LED light bulbs are a good option because they save power, which means less energy gets taken from the battery.

4. Add organization to your list. ​If you don’t have designated spaces for soaps, charging cords, kids toys, socks, keys, dog food, and shoes, consider purchasing baskets to help keep yourself organized. You’ll be grateful for them when it comes time to clean up your RV or on travel days!

Your RV isn’t truly finished until you tackle that dreaded final 5% day, but once you do you’ll be glad you did! Now all that lies ahead are endless days to kick back, read a book, and make lasting memories!!

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