Opting out of Normal - Full Time RV'ing as a Military Family

Hello Campers!

Deziree here from @suddenlyminimalist! I am a 28 year old, stay-at-home-mom to three young children, and wife to my best friend, Michael. Michael is entering his twelfth year with the US Navy and currently stationed in Florida. Our family, as well as our cat and two dogs, live full-time in our fifth wheel!

While stationed in Southern California we purchased our first home. A 2600 sqft., 4 bedroom, 3 bath home, located in Los Angeles county, where we are originally from, to be close to family. But,when the military sent us to the gulf coast of Mississippi, we struggled to sell our house and found ourselves in a world of debt that made us unable to live our lives to the fullest. We wanted adventure. We wanted to be able to see all that we could of this new place that we were living in and we started looking for ways to better enjoy our lives and live more financially free. That’s when we discovered full-time RV living. We decided we wanted to live with less and see if RV living could help us achieve our goals so we sold/donated about 90% of our belongings and purchased our Keystone Montana fifth wheel.

Now obviously with a full-time job with the Navy, we can’t travel like we would like to just yet, but RV living is possible for a military family! Especially with the military only RV parks available across the country that offer great amenities and even provide free wifi, cable, and at our current park, a free laundry facility!

Full-timing, for us, has been a great way to lower the cost of living and seek the adventure we were looking for. It seems all too common for military families to live life paycheck to paycheck, struggle with debt, and not be able to fully experience the fun and exciting places in which they get to live. We were that family for years and full disclosure here, we aren’t perfect, life happens, and we still struggle at times as well. However, we are trying our best to remove ourselves from the rat race, opt out of what is considered normal and live our lives to the fullest.

Even as military full-time RVers, we have still have had the opportunity to live in the most beautiful places that offer more outdoor activities and amenities than if we were just in a regular neighborhood and spent most of our outdoor time in the confines of our own backyard. We have stayed on lakes where fishing is just a short walk away and in campgrounds with hiking trails that began just outside our front door. With opportunities so readily available, we spend more time than ever outdoors and as a family. Our kids are more adventurous and we have found the freedom and happiness that we were looking for.

Choosing to live differently has paid off in many ways for us and I am so happy that we made the change to living in our fifth wheel. Not just for the simplicity and adventure, but mostly for the gratefulness I feel for the things we do have, as well for the relief of the burden of military moves! We have found so much more life in the art of living with less and we are loving our not so normal life.

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