A Day in the Life of a Full Time RV Family

Hello Campers!

Holly here from @TheMarvelousMiners

We are a family of 3 plus a dog.

We sold our 2400 sqft home to live our lives out on the road.

Our yard is ever changing and, we can’t get enough of it.

Today, our yard is Pensacola beach. Typically, we all wake up early because, who doesn’t with a 2 year old. Our morning starts out with a smoothie made in our large blender because, we couldn’t give that up. We love our smoothies. Plus, smoothies are an easy healthy breakfast and you can easily take them on the go. We drink our smoothies, get dressed for our appropriate landscape this week, and head out on what ever adventure suits our day. Lately, the beach is were we spend our time fishing and building big houses or what you may call, a sand castle.

Fort Pickens, Battery Worth, and Battery Langdon are also a part of our backyard. Not only do we get to explore old forts made in the 1800’s but, we also get a history lesson. Road schooling at its best. If we don’t feel like doing those two options, we get on our bikes and start to ride. Since, the entrance to the park is 7 miles away, there is a lot between here and there that we can explore. As digital nomads with a young toddler nap time is a must. We can go from playing on a beach in Florida to our comfortable home. Jack has his own bunkhouse where we keep his toys, clothes, and everything that brings him joy. His own space. After nap time, it’s back to the beach or off to whatever adventure we seek out.

Instead of driving all the way back to a sticks and bricks home for a nap, we take the short 5 minute walk back to our home on wheels. Dinner in Pensacola can consist of what ever we like but why not, the local cuisine! Since the fish weren’t biting we went to a seafood market built right on the beach. Boats pull right up and drop off their fresh catch for the day. Even thought the small RV ovens seem intimidating. We cut up some fresh Florida oranges, seasonings, and put that fish in the oven. Our usual after dinner activity is gathering everyone up and running or walking around the campground. We end up meeting other full time families and part time travelers. Listening to stories and become friends with people who just minutes ago, were strangers. The people we meet are what makes this community and lifestyle special. Since we are all temporally neighbors, we take the short walk back to our home.

Since we have all our creature comforts with us, our bedtime routine isn’t much different. Jack takes a bath, we all put on our pajamas and snuggle as we all reminisce about our day and adventures to come. It may seem like your daily routine will change dramatically when you move into an RV but, you’ll be surprised how it really doesn’t. The outside landscape may change but, when we shut the door to our home on wheels. We are always home.

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