On The Road With The Gerkins

Hello Campers!

As an RV Family and with my husband as a travel nurse, we let his work determine where we will stay and when we will travel. This year, his contract ended five days before Thanksgiving. We are traveling across the country to get to our next contract and decided to stop and see some sites along the way so we wanted to come on and tell you all about our trip and give you some insight on life in an RV! We left Oregon Sunday morning, and got to our first stop in California Sunday evening. Everything was going just as planned...

We enjoyed Monday visiting my cousins, then Tuesday morning as we were preparing to leave, we discovered a rain/ snow storm headed down the coast straight toward us! Our next stop was supposed to be Death Valley, but the mountains surrounding Death Valley were going to get snow and Death Valley was going to get torrential rain and hazardous winds. We decided to skip Death Valley and take a more southern route to our next destination: Las Vegas. We were able to stay ahead of the storm and arrive safely.

It was our intention to spend Las Vegas visiting with my grandpa and his wife on Thanksgiving, joining them for a Thanksgiving feast in their independent living retirement community. We called the resort we were going to be staying at and asked if we could make our reservation for one night earlier. The site we were going to be staying in was occupied, but they were able to put us into another site. After a long day of traveling with our toddlers, we arrived at our site to learn that it was very unleveled side to side and we did not have leveling blocks! We made do since it was only one night, and Wednesday morning we moved to our next site which was level. Wednesday we didn’t have any plans, so we decided to go visit the strip. Being the strip and the day before Thanksgiving, it was packed full of people. We did some site seeing and even got to watch the fountains at the Bellagio.

Thanksgiving morning, we headed out early to my grandparents. We spent the morning with them and were able to enjoy a fully prepared feast without having to do any cooking ourselves. We were able to put many smiles on the faces of many people in the retirement community as they watched my toddlers dart about and get very excited over the fountain inside that had fish.

It had been chilly and raining all day, but we didn’t think anything of it. When we got back to our RV, we looked into the weather for the night and what our trip was going to look like when we left in the morning. The coast to coast storm was passing over us as rain and as soon as it hit the mountain range that we had to drive through, it turned into snow. Arizona was expected to get two feet of snow. We decided to go to bed and see how the weather looked in the morning to make our decision about whether we were going to travel or hang back until the weather cleared. Friday morning, Arizona had indeed gotten the snow they were getting called for, and it was still snowing. Even if we were to go through southern Arizona, they were getting so much rain there was calling for flash flooding throughout half the state. I called our next reservation at the Grand Canyon and they gave me a full refund because the park was closing since they lost power and were covered in snow. We decided to stay put another two days to give the roads some time to clear. The RV resort we are staying at in Las Vegas has been super accommodating and easy to work with! I cannot imagine trying to pull our fifth wheel behind our truck in any sort of precipitation, let alone a blizzard. It is our home and having two toddlers, it is our job to make the safe choices. It is so important when living on the road to stay flexible and follow the weather. Saturday, we did some sight seeing in the Las Vegas area. We went to the Hoover Dam in the morning and Red Rock Canyon afterward. Red Rock Canyon had some leftover snow in the higher elevations

from the rain we got on Thursday, so we got to play in the snow in the desert and enjoyed a family outing.

Sunday we are getting up early and leaving. We have confirmed the weather is clear and the roads should be dry by now. Arizona temperatures are ten degrees higher than they were two days ago and we are ready to keep traveling toward our destination! We are going to skip the Grand Canyon since the park there likely still doesn’t have power and they also likely still have two feet of snow and our RV is not set up to go down to temps that low. I look forward to getting to our destination so I can get Christmas decorations out as that is a tradition we follow on the day after Thanksgiving; but traveling makes that a challenge to follow. I am also discovering I am a little bummed we did not cook Thanksgiving in the RV because I love to cook and we didn’t get leftovers. Leftovers are half the fun of Thanksgiving. I look forward to making Thanksgiving in the RV a priority next year. I am so thankful for this RV community, living on the road is tough but knowing we are not alone makes it so much easier.

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