Decorating your RV for Christmas

Hello Campers!

My name is Megan, @megankeepsitreal over on Instagram! My husband (Brian) and I, along with our 3 kiddos (Emerson, Farrah and Ellis) currently live in our 36 foot travel trailer and have been traveling for almost 3 years!

This year will be the first time we’ve spent Christmas morning in our home on wheels!

Having 3 kiddos we knew we wanted to decorate, but living tiny definitely presents it’s challenges! In our sticks and bricks home we had about 8 very large bins of Christmas decorations and a 12 foot tree! To say we usually go all out is quite an understatement, which is easy in 3,700 square feet… not so much in our camper.

I definitely wanted a tree, but being in a travel trailer, space is an issue! I almost did a faux tree with garland and command hooks on the wall -then my husband surprised me and brought one home he’d found at an antique mall!

It’s a small tree, big ornaments just wouldn’t work. So instead, we went to the mini tree section at Walmart and found a huge selection of smaller (inexpensive!) ornaments that were perfect! Oh, and let’s not forget… shatterproof!

The next thing that I knew I wanted to do was hang garland on the trim of our slide out and add some lights! Walmart also had this natural looking 12 foot garland and it fit our slide perfectly!

One simple thing I did to add so many cozy Christmas vibes are the bows on our cabinet doors. It’s honestly as easy as it looks, just get some wired ribbon of your choice, wrap and tie! It makes each cabinet look like a beautifully wrapped gift! Just be sure not to tie it where your cabinets latch… I learned that the hard way!

Let me just tell y’all about this candle while we’re here. This candle smells just like Christmas should! Don’t walk, RUN to Target and get the ‘O Christmas Tree’ scent by Opalhouse!

This year we won’t be keeping anything after the holidays are over, so we went with these stockings from Walmart that are less than $1 each! Usually the kiddos keep their candy in their stockings well after the season had passed, so these will be perfect!

If I could give you any tip for decorating your camper for Christmas, it would be to keep everything uniform! You want it to flow and share a similar theme, details matter and less is more.

Being intentional when purchasing each item is also just as important. We knew we had to love it, otherwise it would waste space that we just don’t have! Anything that would get in the way, or take away from the functionality of our space was a no go!

Now all I need to do is ask Santa how he’s getting in here, RV’s don’t have chimneys….

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