Tips for the New RV'er

Hey RV’ers!

My name is Samantha. I am a wife, mom, and an adventure lover!

My husband Dan and I and our 2 kids, Canyon and Ember, are 1 month into RV life and we are loving it! (You can follow our journey @wearedanandsam) Even though we will continue to learn more as we go, we have gathered so much insight thus far and we want to share it with you.

If RV life intrigues you at all, lean into this post!

Here are a few tips for the new RV’er.


When living tiny or vacationing in your new RV you will need to minimize kitchen items, clothes, decor, you name it. My encouragement is to set things aside that you LOVE and find a place for those items first. Starting your minimize process with positive thoughts rather than the negative vibes of “getting rid of things” makes for a better overall downsizing experience. For clothing, look into doing a capsule wardrobe. This minimizes the amount of clothes you need, but allows you to have multiple options for outfits. Keep in mind that once you move in you will most likely downsize again, and again. And then again. You will realize what you use on a daily basis and what you haven’t even touched.


When you aren’t hooked up to sewer you must find creative ways to conserve water. When washing dishes I buy a few cheap rolls of paper towels and wipe out my dishes before washing them so I don’t use as much water. When using the restroom instead of flushing the toilet paper, simple wipe and throw it away (within reason lol) to conserve tank space. Change the trash and drop in a toilet pak to keep everything smelling fresh. Oh and while we are on the subject of bathrooms, get used to the smell, sight, and talk about poop. It will become a common thing to deal with...


Your propane stove use will heat your RV up QUICKLY! (which is great in the winter, but not fun in the summer) I have found it is best to use things like an instant pot, crock pot, or outdoor grill to keep the inside of your camper cool in the summer. These other ways of cooking are fun ways to shake up your normal cooking routine. In addition, when leaving your RV for the day keep your AC/heat running on low. This will maintain a cooler/warmer indoor temp especially during those hot summer days or frigid winter days.


Whether your plan if to full time RV or just vacation more, you will ask yourself why you didn’t do it sooner!!! In a very short amount of time you will realize how little space you need to still be happy. Your life will not be defined by material things, or the amount of space you have, but rather the experiences you create.

Enjoy the journey!