Steps To Full Time RV'ing

Hello Campers!

We are Kelley and Renee of @fiftyandfifthwheeling.

Seven months ago we sold our 2,500 square foot home, sold or donated all of our possessions and began living full time in our Keystone Raptor 421CK toy hauler when Kelley’s job relocated us to the Atlanta, GA area. Below are five steps to becoming a fulltimer.

Step 1. Finding the Perfect RV

The first thing you will need to decide is what type of RV is perfect for you. We had a truck so we looked at the fifth wheel campers and toy haulers. Some people would rather tow the vehicle they currently own so a Class A or Class C may be best for you. Some fulltimers have children with them and in those cases they will need to look at campers that have bunk beds, a bunk room or a bed over the cab as in a Class C. If you have a full size sport utility vehicle a bumper pull trailer may be best. Conversion Vans are another option for those who don’t want to tow a vehicle and want to be able to park anywhere. Also, price is going to play a large factor. Do you prefer new or used? There are many fulltimers who have purchased older RV’s, buses, etc. and have renovated them on a tight budget. Many look brand new when completed!

Step 2. Downsizing

You will need to downsize. Your age and how long you have been in your home will determine the amount of work to be done. We are in our fifties, have 2 children and had been in our home for 14 years. It was a large undertaking and we had two months to downsize. If you have time I would recommend you start by emptying one room at a time. Yes, EMPTY!!

I sold all of our large items such as furniture, tools and seasonal items on Facebook Market place. We donated items to local charities, churches, church preschools, etc. We also gave items to family and friends. Unfortunately, I ran out of time before the movers came and when we arrived in Georgia we filled a 10x30 storage unit. I spent 4 additional months sorting, selling and donating what was left. We now have a 10x10 storage unit that houses tools, bikes, golf clubs, kayaks and off season clothes. If you are short on time also, you may need to look into a storage unit.

Step 3. Clothing

Most of us have way more clothes than we actually need. When we found out we were moving in December, the first place we started was in our closets. I think we took 20 bags of clothes to Goodwill that week. When we were emptying the closets we both found clothing we didn’t even remember having. Our camper has a good size closet and 4 dresser drawers. I learned how to properly fold our clothes the “Marie Kondo” way and I also use baskets in the camper to hold socks, winter hats, gloves, clothing, etc. We have plastic bins in our 10x10 storage unit with the off season clothing. We continue today to thin our clothes. If we put something on and don’t like it, it goes in the donate bag. You also realize you don’t need a ton of shoes!!

Step 4. Where to Park

You will need to find a place to park your RV. We were blessed to find an awesome campground that was close to Kelley’s work and in a nice town. Our campground rent includes water, electricity and internet. Kelley occasionally works from home and needed a strong internet connection. We purchased a Verizon hot spot, use our Amazon Fire Stick and subscribe to AT&T TV. The hot spot allows us to have internet and TV most every place we travel to.

Step 5. Making your rig like home.

Lastly, if you are like me, you will want to make your camper feel like home. When we made the decision to go full time the first thing we purchased was a combo washer/dryer. I added pillows, new bedding, artwork, rugs, photos, a coffee table, etc. Kelley would be fine with the camper as is, but I had to add some personal touches. We have also added sensor lights to the closet and cupboards.

Other than some dishes I let go, we have no regrets. We LOVE it! We don’t have to worry about taxes, no HOA fees, yard work, pool care, no water/electric bill, cleaning house all day, etc.!

We spend every weekend traveling and exploring.

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