RV Renovation Tips

Hello Campers!

I’m Brittnee, mama to 5 and full-time traveler! When we first bought our travel trailer, I KNEW I was going to rip it apart.

I couldn't handle all the brown. It was so dark and gloomy inside! We slowly renovated it over the course of a year while traveling full time and living in it. I am always being asked, what we used and how we did it.


We first started in the kitchen, it was so dark and brown.

We decided to lighten up the whole kitchen by doing a white subway tile from the counter to the cabinet. When we first were looking, there were only a couple of options, now there are several different colors and types on Amazon!

Most people ask if it was difficult to apply and honestly, the first few were hard to get up, but then I got into the groove and went up in about 2 hours. Just take your time and measure twice before cutting.

Living Room:

We tackled the main room next!

Our trailer is a rear kitchen living with a mega slide. On our first few trips, the valances kept falling out of the ceiling, so I finally just decided to rip them out and we went to Lowes and bought the blackout roller shades and put curtains up. Which made a HUGE difference. They were simple to set up. We ended up drilling blocks of wood into the wall and attaching the curtains to that to keep them from falling out during traveling. Our kiddos were sleeping in the dinette and the pull-out couch but it very uncomfortable and the dinette wall broke a couple of months after we bought the trailer. It also had a set of recliners that were big and bulky and did not make sense for our family. So we ripped all of it out and started with a blank canvas! I was researching couches that were light enough for trailers and also that would fit through the door. We stumbled upon a company called Home Reserve. seat comes in a box that you assemble. All the fabric comes off and washes and each seat is storage. So we measured it and decided to make more of a comfortable living room set for our family to enjoy! I love how it turned out! It is so comfortable for us!


We ripped out the carpet on the slide because it got so dirty with 5 kids. That was actually very simple! We found a flooring at Lowes that matched the main cab flooring exactly! We laid it down in one evening and then put a very light-weight PVC molding around the wall from Lowes. This was one of my favorite things we have done. It cleans up so easy now.


In our previous house that we built before traveling, we had a farmhouse look throughout and I wanted this to feel like our home. I decided to do shiplap wallpaper in the entire trailer. This was not an easy task and took a lot of diligence! We purchased the rolls from Target and it took us a weekend to apply. The hardest part was cutting around the light switches and electric outlets, my words of advice would be to place the wallpaper first with the backing on and then cut a hole in the paper before you lay it down. Go really slow on this, because it's not cheap and if you mess up, you need an entirely new run. I LOVE how it made the trailer brighter though. Most people just paint the walls white, but I like that it looks like real shiplap throughout the trailer and pulls the farmhouse look in.

Painting: The biggest task, besides our new shower, was painting the doors and cabinets. It took the most time but made the biggest difference. I used to refinish furniture and used Annie Sloan chalk paint, but we didn’t have access to it where we were staying. So I went to Target and decided to try their brand of chalk paint and it has held up pretty well. I would suggest using Annie Sloan if you can. We took off all the cabinet doors and painted everything. This took us about a week to do everything. We used the Valspar brand colors Lace and Shadow. We then did their clear sealing wax on top to keep the color looking rich and clean. This was one of the biggest transformations in the trailer, as it was covering up the final brown. It completely changed the trailer and made it look brighter and more open. If you are considering painting, I highly suggest it! It will make such a difference in the space.


Our biggest most complicated project was tackling our bathroom. There are 7 of us and the shower was tiny and cramped. The glass doors constantly looked dirty at the bottom in spots I couldn’t clean. I could wait to rip it all out. We grabbed a bigger base on amazon that made it come out 4 inches wider around the whole base. Lowes now carries a new tile called Dumawall that looks like big pieces of marble but its very lightweight and made from PVC. You can easily apply it with a utility knife, silicone adhesive, and caulk. When putting this up, make sure you layout one wall all the way before you apply. It is about $50 a box and we had to get 3 boxes to finish our shower. It is my favorite transformation out of the whole trailer. I absolutely LOVE taking a shower in it now. Its bigger and bright and doesn’t look a trailer shower at all! We finished the bathroom off with some more peel & stick tile and shiplap wallpaper! Overall it was worth it.

The whole renovation took us about a year. Slowly changing things as we had time. But I am so thankful we did. It feels like a HOME when you walk in instead of us going camping permanently. When you decide to renovate, make sure you fully know what you are going to be doing.

Price things out and make sure you have a clear plan for you rip anything out!

Especially if you are living in it!

You can follow along on our families journey on Instagram @oilsandgracetribe Thank you so much, Brittnee