Tips for RV Renovation on a Budget

Hello Campers!

Hi my name is Seana. My Boyfriend, Roy and I live in Ireland and own an American fifth wheel caravan. We are both 23 and We live on a funfair full time so getting fifth wheel was sort of necessity for comfort and making us feel at home as we are always traveling. We decided to purchase our new home after saving for a year.

I have a lot of passion for interior design and really enjoy looking on Instagram and Pinterest at RV's. I was so excited to start my own renovations. I didn't have a big budget for what I wanted so I tried (and failed) trying cheap alternatives. I spent €500 on my paint and interiors.

Some things that I would highly recommend for cheap and cheerful options are:

1.) The Kitchen Area:

I would recommend doing some DIY and getting your painting brush ready. Don't bother with buying a new kitchen, just paint what you have! It will all look great in the end.

I started off by taking all my cupboards and handles off, spraying them with gold spray paint and painting the cupboards with 3 coats of paint to give it a high quality look. DON'T forget to PRIME! It really does make all the difference!

I also would recommend peel and stick tiles for backsplash as they are cheap and look great in my opinion! I didn't go for actual tiles as we travel a lot and I was scared of them falling and smashing (the joys of moving your house around)

I also didn't bother with getting an expensive countertop, I bought a sticky back roll in butcher block. It looks great and I'm excited to try it out.

2.) Furniture & Decor:

When it came to furniture and decor for my RV, I was really out to get good deals! I bought a lot from Amazon but mostly found bits and pieces in thrift shops and markets. I fixed them up myself by painting and fixing anything that was broken, they all ended up looking brand new!

RV Furniture and decor can be really expensive so always keep an eye out for the best deals, even in your local area.

I am currently continuing my renovations moving on to the bathroom and bedroom area. I'm looking forward to completing my new home and to enjoy my time living here. If anyone is young and would like to RV full time, it is possible and you don't need a ton of money!

Happy RV'ing!


Instagram: @fifthwheel.fixerupper

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