Tips for Organizing Your RV

Did you know the average American wastes a full year of their life searching for lost items?

How many places could you travel to in that full year?

I think it’s even more important to get organized in a small space because the clutter will add up quick – making your small space feel even smaller!

Here's a few tips that have helped us get organized in our tiny space:

1.) Have a specific place for everything:

I love to say this, “every item must have a home or it’s called the trashcan!”

In all honesty, when items don’t have a specific “home” it’s just clutter!

Items end up all over the table, counter, couch, or bed and then when you want to use the space, it needs to be cleaned off first.

Think about where you will store these items: coats, keys, change, coolers, bags, toys, cameras, laptops, etc.

Here’s an example of the kid’s toys. They only go under our couch, that’s it. They are all organized in individual tubs and the kids know right where everything is. I chose clear tubs so the kids can see inside and know what items go in each tub.

*Toy Picture*

Here’s an example of our entry way. All our coats, jackets, and bags go right on the hooks as soon as we come inside the RV.

2.) The goal isn’t to cram as much as you can in your cabinets and drawers:

For example: I used these simple storage bins to organize my bathroom cabinets and the area over my couch. Sure, the baskets aren’t as big as the space but that wasn’t my goal. My goal is when I open the cabinets, all items are neatly placed inside, it’s not cluttered, and when I go to look for an item, I don’t have to dig for it. I also labeled each basket using a wood clip. This way, there’s no question where the items go! Clutter happens when you have too much stuff to realistically manage. For me, if it didn’t fit in the bins, I donated it!

How do you get started organizing your RV?

Start in one area!

Have you noticed that it's overwhelming when you have 5 projects going on at the same time?

Start with one........just one! And start with the area that's the easiest. This will give you confidence to move on to the next section of your RV!

For example: You could start with the kids toy area, your closet, a bathroom drawer, your kitchen, etc. Just pick one area of the RV and don’t move on to another area until it’s completed.

The first area I organized was the kids craft area. It’s above our table and it was the easiest for me. I got 9 tubs and organized each one by category – paint, markers, glue, stickers, scissors, etc.

I know the task to organize can seem big even in a small space, but in the end it’s so worth it!

Happy Organizing!

Mandy Wilson from @wilsongrandadventures on Instagram

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