RV Living for Millennials FAQ

I’m Alex and my husband's name is Jon. We are full time RV’ers in our renovated 30 ft. Sportsman LE. We are currently both millennials living in Lynchburg, VA. While Jon runs a real-estate company with his business partner, I work virtually as a health coach for an app in NYC. We have just made the jump from our 2,000 sq. ft. to our 240 sg. ft. home and we love it and I think you would too.

1.) What made you decide to RV full-time?

Our decision to go full time wasn’t so much about asking ourselves ‘why?’ but ‘why not?’. In 2016 we decided to renovate a RV and travel around the United States for 3 months. This experiences stretched us and grew us in ways we didn’t think possible. At this time we had never heard of the full-time RV lifestyle. This trip opened out eyes to the reality of what we truly needed to live a joyful life, which had nothing to do with how much space we had. Over the last couple of years our lives have been inspired by this adventure to dream bigger.

2.) How RV living gives freedom?

RV living has many kinds of freedoms. Freedom of the open-road, adventure, finances, and material possessions. While financial freedom is a big part of our journey the most valuable freedom RV living gives us is the ability to dream. Our small space has given us inspiration to be more creative and intentional with how we live our lives and how we can make an impact.

3.) Why all millennials should try RV living?

Millennials are great at being creative and passionate. We are willing to stretch ourselves and do the unordinary if we believe it has a purpose. Full-time RV living is perfect for the millennial who loves to grow and gain perspective. It allows you to step back and realize what you really value and see the bigger picture. Millennials should try RV living to push themselves out of their comfort zone and discover where their true joy comes from.

4.) What experiences have you had while on the road that you wouldn’t of had otherwise?

One of the most valuable experience we had while on the road was the ability to see our country and the beauty of where we live. We woke up every morning, not know what place we would go to next. This excitement and spontaneity of the open road changed the way we live. Less worrying, more living.

5.) What would you tell to someone want to make the switch but doesn’t know how?

Take the next step! Trust me it’s not as intimidating as it looks. Jon and I never grew up with RV’s or families that were into camping. We had no idea what we were doing when we bought our first RV. We learned as we went and ultimately it grew us and our marriage for the better. Do your research, ask questions, plan, save and start asking yourself what you value in life. You’d be surprised how easy and freeing it is to live in a small space. Start today! Pack some things up in boxes and start to discover what you truly need to live.

If you have any questions, please reach out!

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