5 Tips for Maintaining Roles While on The Road

Know Your Role When You Slow Your Roll!

Five tips to maintain a balance of roles between you and your significant other while on the road—

Ohhh life on the road! Many of us full-timer’s can relate to the simplicity of life and the luxuries that come along with the tiny living approach. We can also relate to the sheer fact that even the slightest bit of mess can result in the living space looking like the aftermath of an F5 Tornado. Therefore, it's vital to establish roles to ensure eminent structure and maintain consistent cleanliness throughout this lifestyle overhaul.

It didn't take long for us to realize this. Now, we stay in our lane and our day to day routine has practically become clockwork. Let's face it, no one likes chores! So, with a little grit and grind, we can all get back to enjoying the more blissful aspects of our journey.

1. Morning Routine:

Who doesn't like to start their day off right?! The only way to achieve this, starts with the ultimate burden that we've loathed from the beginning of time - making our bed! Fortunately for me, Dawn takes care of this morning chore. However, I didn’t get off the hook completely. While she is arranging our 12 pillows (no, seriously!), I give the entire place (all 150 sq. ft) a once over with our handy little vacuum. It's pretty astonishing the amount of debris and randomness that accumulates on a daily basis. As defeating as it is to discover the filth that lies beneath, it's so rewarding to see the results of what is sucked up at the end of this morning duty. Am I the only one that is fascinated with this? And just like that, 5-minutes later and two simple morning chores knocked out of the way, you have a fresh clean start and a leg-up on the rest of the world!

2. Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen:

I've never claimed to be an Iron Chef nor do I like cooking all that much. But, when life on the road comes at you fast, most of the time you'll find yourself in the middle of nowhere - so sadly, there's no Taco Bell around the corner and you're outside the delivery radius of any food delivery app. Therefore, it's time to roll up your sleeves and whip together whatever it is you have on deck. At times, I almost find myself on an episode of Chopped for each meal. With tight spaces and an even tighter list of ingredients (we've all been here) you find yourself being forced to get creative and think outside the box for each meal. Over time, it has become fun and we have developed a new appreciation and appetite for all things put in front of us. With the entire kitchen basically being the width of my waist, there is no truer idiom than "too many cooks in the kitchen". Amidst dirtying up as many dishes as humanly possible while cooking, Dawn takes on the cleaning obligation. It works out well seeing as cleaning, similar to cooking is simply made for one person due to our space restraints. Props to her because it’s not an easy task to clean most dishes while the freezing cold water is trickling out of the tap (#boondockinglife). Those of you with hook ups may not know the struggle. I will also mention that she puts away said dishes. This is team work, people!

3. Bonnie & Clyde + Lewis & Clark:

Driving is basically the nucleus of our lifestyle. As we go from one destination to the next, precise navigation & planning as well as driving & handling are key factors. Both of these are full-time tasks that can be shared or delegated accordingly. For us, I absolutely love driving while Dawn loves to navigate and forecast the agenda ahead. With my Bonnie and Clyde driving and her Lewis and Clark navigation, we maximize everything between point A and B. Whether its windows down, music cranked up coastline driving or white-knuckling through the snowy mountain caps - it's safe to say, no one is going to knock the driver of any rig for not doing their part as long as you get to your destination safely. That being said, with such a wide open approach to our travels and spontaneity towards change, coupled with the "I'll do anything once mentality", research and pivoting our route along the way is surely a full-time assignment. There are times when a traffic jam will arise, a dead zone of no-service will hit, or you'll simply discover a hole-in-the-wall attraction or town - you both must be ready for revisions to the course at any given moment!

4. The Pit Crew:

We often joke that whatever the GPS' estimated time of arrival says, we double it for our ACTUAL arrival time. Some of those 80 mph speed limit signs don't get a sniff from our land-yacht. We find that a solid 65 mph controlled cruise is our rig's sweet spot. Also, because anything faster feels like we're driving head first into a wood-chipper. Taking this into account, we know that time is of the essence anytime we have to make a stop. There is no exception when it comes to filling up and pit-stopping at a gas station. With our Nascar-like pit crew approach, I handle the gas fill up while Dawn tackles the window-washing, bug-scrapping, and snack-snagging duties. We truly impress ourselves now with our in and out times at these stops, whereas before it would tack on an unnecessary delay. Be thoughtful with your time, no one wants to spend all day at a gas station. How quick is your pit stop?

5. Crappy Duties:

It's the one you've all been waiting for...and Cousin Eddie said it best, "Shi***r's Full"! It's time to get your hands dirty. Doing the dirty work is the single most satisfying chore of them all. Dump day is a quintessential blessing in disguise. At first, no one wants to do it, but when it's finished, boy is it a relief to see clean days ahead! Most dump stations double as a fill-up stop as well. I get down and dirty with the black & gray tank duties while Dawn hooks up the external garden hose to our gravity water tank. A lot of times there's people waiting, and the less time you have to stay in this crappy situation, the better! If there's bonus-time after topping off the 40 gallon water tank, Dawn will usually give the rig a bath! Who is your Cousin Eddie?

There you have it - a little glimpse at how a few duties and chores can maximize your time while traveling and help make your time on the road that much more enjoyable. We truly find joy in all that we do on the road and make the most out of the dirtiest and stickiest of situations! We hope you do the same!

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