10 Tips For Fifth Wheel Remodeling

Hello Campers!

My name is Kirsten, and I am the person behind @fifth_wheel_living Instagram account and here are my 10 tips for you when remodeling a fifth wheel! I hope you enjoy:

Tip 1:

When remodeling a fifth wheel, find the a main focus that you are going to base all of your decor around. For example my main focus is my floor. My floor is very rustic and says a lot, it basically has its own personality. My wall color, decor, contrast, couches all go with the flow of my floor. My floor ties everything together as one. Your main object doesn’t have to be your floor, it can be a table, your entertainment center, wall color. Anything you choose, make it your own and have fun with it!

Tip 2:

Once you find your main object, start your budget. Building a budget is very important, and here is why. Even though you’re remodeling a tiny space, it can get very pricey fast. I learned quickly that I couldn’t have everything I wanted and because of this I went thrift shopping a lot , I looked for sales everywhere, and shopped for the “close enough” items. I also sold things I wouldn’t need, so I had more money in my budget. Having a yard sale for your budget will go a long way.

Tip 3:

Once you have your budget planned and you’re ready to shop, you need to make sure that you buy things that are not heavy, which I found the lighter weight stuff is actually the cheaper stuff (which is awesome for your budget). Remember you’re hauling this fifth wheel, your truck can only pull so much. The heavier your rig is, the stronger the truck you’ll need, the stronger the truck you’ll need, the more expensive it is. An example of a good buy is the tile in my kitchen and in my bathroom, it is all stick on tile, super light weight. Plus we took out our closet which allows us to put in more weight of decor. So the more you take out, the more you can put in!

Tip 4:

When you’re decorating, try to not tear everything out and just throw it away, some things you can use, some things don't seem fitting at first until you change the existing things around it.

For example, I wanted to change my counter tops and sinks, because I saw other people do it (don’t do everything you see other RV'ers do, it can be super expensive). I thought the sinks were ugly at first. Once we decorating and painted around it, it changed the entire look! Not only did I save time from not re-doing them but I also saved a ton of money!

Tip 5:

Do not over clutter and learn to let go. This was hard for me, but I just put up a wall and stopped being attached to things that I don't really need. I saved a lot of cute decor and had no where to put it. So I had to purge and get rid of more. Your rig can only hold so much! In tiny spaces, it can look very junkie. So what I did was let go of the things that I absolutely couldn’t let go of. Things I loved, I gave to family. They loved it! Which made me happy too. Also remember to take your time and move things around. Some things look like it’s too close together and looks a mess, move some of the object to different places. You might not have too much stuff, just too much stuff in one place. Spread it out and have fun with it.

Tip 6:

One of my preference is not having carpet. Get all hard wood floor and buy yourself some washable rugs. Rugs you can throw out anytime and replace or wash but carpet can get stained, they can hold smell and makes a tiny space look smaller in my opinion. So many times coming inside I have brought in dirt, mud, rain, leaves, and grass. If it had carpet I would always be cleaning my floors! Not even cool. BUT the darker the wood floor is, the more dirt shows, the lights the wood, the bigger the rig looks and cleaner. Just things I have noticed.

Tip 7:

Once you have your decorations up and you’re already to hit the road, I recommend learning to clean up after yourself right away. Things add up quickly in a tiny space and make things look dirty. First things that guests will see is dirty dishes instead of your decoration. Keep it clean, a clean space is a beautiful space. All your hard work will always be the main focus. This also keeps the illusion that your space is bigger than what it actually is.

Tip 8:

One piece that we put up is a door, we took out the paper pull door (which didn’t look too pretty) and put in a real door. Now that doesn’t sound like decoration but here are the reasons you should have a door too. It gives you privacy to your bedroom. Privacy if you have someone over and they spend the night. And your door can actually be a huge statement piece. Some people paint theirs a bold color, some use wall paper and some decorate theirs with wreaths and signs! It is totally adorable and changes the entire look of the rig, trust me. You won’t regret putting in a bedroom door, and if you have one already, decorate it.

Tip 9:

My bed, when we moved into our camper with regular bedding and it was so hard to make my bed, actually it was horrible. Took forever and I never wanted to fix my bed, so my room always looked a mess. I switched to Beddy’s beds and I am in love. My bed zips closed and opens that way too, everything is always tucked in and it just looks neat and clean all the time! I get a lot of compliments on my bedding because of it, which makes me a happy camper. So find a bedding that is easy to fix in a tiny area, and doesn’t take you 20 minutes to fix! Remember things look way messier in a small space, so imagine your tiny bedroom and a bed that isn’t made, looks tiny and not cozy.

Tip 10:

My last tip and I can’t stress this enough! No matter what your decor looks like and no matter what the theme is , go for a brighter color overall. Here are my reasons why. White goes with everything and makes everything just look so clean, white by itself is a statement piece. Not only that, but it gives off the illusion that your space is so much bigger, when we got our rig it looked so tiny compared to what it does now and we have more stuff in it than before, all because of white paint. For example, my friend has a bigger fifth wheel than I do and she still insists that ours is bigger. Why? It’s because of the color we chose, the measurements don’t lie. Her fifth wheel is way bigger. It’s just an illusion.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this and learned some tips on getting started!

I hope this helps you in your journey and if you ever have any questions my Instagram is @fifth_wheel_living.

Feel free to ask me for advice anytime!

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