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RV’ing! What’s not to love? We have just bought a beautiful Jayco Pinnacle 40ft 5th wheel from Affinity RV in Prescott. We are so excited and already making plans for long journeys around the Country. We have traveled around before and seeing how beautiful our country is, waking up to new places and experiencing the foods, shopping, people and local cultures are fantastic and there’s always something new to learn, is what we are looking so forward to again. I’ve always heard folks talk about going to different countries but seriously, what could be MORE AMERICAN than traveling The USA! It gives you a feeling of Pride. And the absolute best thing about RV’ing is the Folks! The other RV’er’s! There is a common bond between us. Besides WALMART! There is a certain thread that weaves us together. Moments of Gypsy-like living. It’s a time for meeting, getting to know, storytelling, getting helpful hints, sharing recipes, a bonding that last for years on end! What could be better!!! Here’s our baby! ❤️ Still deciding on name for her.

Winner: Gayle