Tips For First Time RV Buyers

Hello Future Campers!

So you're ready to buy your first RV?

Choosing the perfect rig can be difficult if you are new to the RV Lifestyle, here are some of our recommendations for first time RV buyers:

1.) What's Your Budget?

It's easy to find your dream rig with no budget, but of course, that's not typically the case! Start off by finding the most comfortable price range for your RV Purchase. The good news is that there is something out there for almost any price range from $5,000 used rigs to $200,000 motorhomes. Once you have decided on your price range it will be easier to narrow down which rigs would be best for you!

While browsing around for the right rig, it is easy to get excited when you find one that suites all of your needs even if its slightly out of your price range, remember that there are other expenses that come into play after purchasing such as: Maintenance & Repair Costs, Insurance & Registration, RV Accessories, Propane & Gas, etc. so be sure to keep these future expenses in mind while trying to find your perfect budget.

2.) Motorhome or Towable?

If you are wanting to purchase a towable, you will need to have a vehicle that is capable of towing an RV. Pop up campers, Truck Campers & Small Travel Trailers are all great rigs to for first time RV Buyers and generally have a more attractive price point than newer Fifth Wheels or even Class C Motorhomes. Motorhomes are great if you are planning on RV'ing more frequently or if you are on the road a lot, things such as bathroom breaks, eating, or a quick nap can all be done in your rig compared to stopping for breaks with a towable.

Renting is also a great option to get a feel for what would be best for you!

3.) New or Used?

Once you have established the price range for your RV purchase, you can decide if you are in the market for a new or used rig. If you are wanting to buy a used rig, it is best to shop at a local dealer than to buy from a private party, dealerships do thorough inspections of the unit before placing it in inventory so you will know if there are any problems with it. Used rigs tend to be more affordable but also keep in mind that when you are purchasing a new RV, you are covered by the manufacturers warranty and the extended warranty that you purchase from the dealership.

4.) How often will you Travel?

The purchase of the right rig also depends on which type of RV'ing that you plan to do. If you are going to be a full timer, you may want to consider a spacious motorhome or fifth wheel and be more concerned with all of the features in the rig to fit more of a home style. If you are going to be a weekend RV'er, you may want to consider a travel trailer or toy hauler. Another factor that comes into play is your family size, if you have two adults you can stick to a smaller rig that suits your needs, if you have a 4+ person family, a more spacious rig such as a fifth wheel or motorhome may work best due to space and sitting & sleeping arrangements.

5.) Is it Purchase Time?

Make sure to take your time while searching for the perfect rig, Your sales representative will be able to answer all the questions that you have about the rig and the final purchase. Don't be afraid to write down questions to ask your sales representative, it is also a good idea to write a pros and cons list of each RV that you are considering, and take some time to review it, after all, buying an RV is a big purchase and you need to make sure the rig you are buying is perfect for you and your lifestyle.

Do you have any questions or tips for First Time RV Buyers?

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