Is Your RV Spring Ready?

Hello Campers!

Spring is here and for most of you, that means bringing your RV out from storage and getting ready for your first trip!

Whether you are new to RV'ing or a seasoned RV'er, we have put together some tips on getting your RV ready for this years spring season!

1.) Inspecting and Servicing Appliances:

Be sure to check all of your RV appliances such as: Refrigerator, Air Conditioning Units, Water Heater, Stove & Oven, and Furnace. It is recommended to clean and replace your Air Conditioner filters and inspect the coils. After storing your rig during the winter months we recommend cleaning all appliances during inspection and checking for leaks, damages or cracks. We are currently offering a Complete Appliance Service which includes LP System Test, Appliance Service Filters Cleaned, Orfice Cleaning & Operation performance test for: Refrigerator, Furnace, Water Heater & Roof AC.

2.) Batteries:

If you did not remove your battery for winter storage, make sure to properly check if the battery is still safe to use. Check your RV Batteries for proper fluid levels and if you are not sure that your battery is safe to use or if you need to replace it, visit our Service Department in Prescott or Prescott Valley where our certified technicians can take a look for you!

We are offering a complete Battery service, which includes the inspection of batteries condition & levels, clean battery post & wire terminals, and we also check the battery for proper voltage.

3.) LP Tanks:

Propane Leaks can be extremely dangerous, it is recommended to thoroughly check your LP Tanks and immediately replace if you see signs of a leak.

4.) RV Tires:

After removing your rig from storage be sure to check your tires for dry rot or any other damages done before or during storage. You should also check for proper tire pressure and get your tires aligned on a regular basis.

5.) Generator:

Depending on the manufacturers requirements, the engine oil, filter and air cleaner must be changed on a regular basis. Check your owners manual for specific service requirements. Our Complete Generator Service, includes oil & filter, fuel filter, air filter and spark plug at a $217 Savings!

6.) Roof Inspection:

After storage it is futile to inspect the roof of your rig for cracks, broken seals, and any other damages. Here at Affinity RV, we offer FREE Roof Inspections which includes the inspection of roof materials, vents skylights, and broken seals.

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