How To Find The Best RV Park

Hello Campers!

If you are an avid RV'er you may already have your list of your favorite RV Parks or camping areas that you enjoy spending time at. If you are new to RV'ing you may not know exactly where you would like to go or how to choose on the perfect RV Park or campground. We have some tips for you!

1.) Location:

First choose the location that you would like to travel to, if you are choosing a high traffic area such as beach resorts or inner city locations you want to call the RV Parks in the area ahead of time and see if you need to make a reservation.

2.) Amenities:

Which services & amenities do you prefer? Many RV Parks offer resort style amenities such as wifi, meeting halls, games, pool, fitness center access and more!

Check the RV Park's website or call them for more information about the amenities that they offer.

3.) Length of Stay:

If you are planning on staying in your area for a longer term, many RV parks offer monthly rates instead of nightly, if you are expecting to stay over 14 days we would recommend asking for the monthly rate!

4.) Mail Services:

If you are going to be on the road for a long period of time, we recommend looking into mail services such as holding your mail, or if you are staying at one park for a long term stay, the RV Park may offer mail services, keep in mind that most short term parks do not offer mail services.

5.) Private Campgrounds:

Many private campgrounds partner with booking websites and offer tons of discounts when making a reservation through them, make sure to check out websites such as Camp Club USA, Passport America, etc.

6.) Reviews:

Lastly, When searching for the right RV Park, do research on their Social Media Sites such as Facebook, GooglePlus & Yelp to see ratings of good and bad experiences from previous RV'ers who have stayed at that park.

We hope this helped you to find the perfect RV Park or campground to fit your traveling needs!

Do you have any tips for fellow RV'ers searching for the right RV Park?

Leave your suggestions and tips in a comment below!

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