Valentine's Day RV Getaway Guide

Hello Campers!

Valentines Day is right around the corner!

An RV Getaway is the perfect gift to your Valentine

Here's how to plan the perfect Valentine's Day Getaway:

1.) Own or Rent?

If you aren't ready to commit to purchasing an RV, Renting is the way to go!

At Affinity RV, we have the perfect Valentine's Day Packages for you and your loved one, The packages include:

- 3 Night RV Rental

- 3 Night Stay at an RV Park

- Gift Basket

- One Activity

Call our Rental Department for more information or to reserve this special weekend getaway today!


If you own your RV, make sure to get an inspection done before taking off on your romantic weekend getaway.

2.) Pick Your Destination:

Are you wanting to spend a weekend in the mountains or on the beach?

Boondocking or RV Park?

Reservations at RV Parks fill up quickly especially for Valentines Day weekend. Be sure to call ahead of time and make your reservation.

Beach areas are also very busy during this time of the year so make sure to plan out your destination ahead of time and research RV Parks or campgrounds nearby.

3.) Plan Your Meals:

If you are Boondocking, plan your meals ahead of time and pack your meals properly. You may want to include a special romantic dinner for your loved one, check out our Recipe Board on Pinterest for the perfect meal ideas:

If your destination is in a public destination, you may want to research restaurants around that area and make a reservation ahead of time for your romantic dinner date.

4.) Choose Your Activities:

Choose activities that you will both enjoy, depending on your destination, there may be tons of different activities to choose from such as:

- Fishing

- Hiking

- Swimming

- Walks on The Beach

- Star Gazing

- Hunting

- Boating

- Sitting Around The Campfire

- Nature Walks

5.) Pack!

Once you decide on your destination and your weekend activities, you can properly pack for your Valentine's Day weekend!

Make sure to pack snacks for your roadtrip, blankets, chairs, proper clothing and all the other essential items for your RV trip!

We hope this Valentine's Day RV Guide was helpful! Do you have any suggestions for fellow RV'ers?

Share with us in a comment below!