RV New Years Resolutions

Hello Campers!

If you are an avid RV'er, some of your New Years Resolutions may revolve around RV'ing, make this year the best one yet filled with RV memories and adventures that will last a lifetime!

1.) RV Cooking:

It's easy to get wrapped up in the same cooking routines while you are out traveling, we always want to make recipes that are quick, easy and filling. This year try NEW recipes and expand your cooking skills while on the road. Try dutch oven cooking, campfire recipes and quick and easy meals you can cook in your RV!

2.) Get On The Road More:

We all want to be able to hit the road more in our RV, sometimes schedules and planning can prevent us from getting out as much as we would like to, this year try going by the "3 Month Rule" plan an exciting adventure in your RV every 3 months and go somewhere new every time!

3.) Meet New Friends:

It's always fun to meet new friends while you are out RV'ing, this year make it a point to introduce yourself to your neighbors at your RV park, invite them to an evening around the campfire! You never know, you could make friends that last a lifetime!

4.) Explore New Places:

If you usually stick to RV Parks, take the road less traveled and try boon-docking!

If you mostly dry camp in the same area, expand to other places or try new RV Parks!

5.) Fix up your RV:

Have you always had the idea in the back of your mind that you wanted to upgrade that light fixture? or replace the shower head? Get a new mattress? Upgrade your RV cabinetry?

Make it a resolution to give your RV some extra attention. Make time to do the things that just haven't been able to get done in 2017!

6.) Off-Season RV'ing:

IF you are used to traveling during the peak season, avoid big crowds, traffic and higher prices, try taking one trip during the off-season, although it may be chilly, you may decide you like off-season RV'ing better!

7.) Stop and Enjoy:

Make it a priority to slow down this year, may of us feel the need to rush to our RV destination to spend the most time that we can there, be sure to slow down and enjoy the beauty of nature while traveling. Stop and take photos, smell the flowers, feel the fresh breeze and enjoy the company that you have with you!

8.) Buy the RV you REALLY want:

If you have been keeping your eye on a new model, take that leap and purchase!

Be sure to keep an eye out on our website for new and used inventory!


What were your RV New Years Resolutions in 2018?

Did you accomplish them?

Share with us in a comment below!