5 Ways Santa Can Find Your RV

Hello Campers!

Christmas is near and if you are a full time RV'er, your children may be asking "How Does Santa Find RV's?"

Well, that is a great question and we are here to help!

Here are some options on the web that can assist you:

1.) Send a special video message from Santa:

With Portable North Pole, you can create and send a customized video message, complete with your kids' names in the message. They will be so excited when Santa himself tells them that he knows where they are!

Learn more here:



2.) Deliver a Special Message From Santa:

Create a festive and creative letter from Santa telling the kids that he knows they are traveling and that he won't forget them. Have it appear on Christmas Eve and be sure to but it in an envelope addressed to your travel destination and with the North Pole as the return address.

3.) Track Santa on Norad:

Follow Santa as he delivers gifts across the world, and to your home. Just go to the NORAD Santa website or app, and follow Santa Claus and his reindeer as they make their way across the world.

4.) Video Santa:

The app called Video Santa on the Playstore allows your kids to FaceTime with a pre-recorded video with santa as he asks questions be sure to tell them to let him know that they are traveling!

5.) Reroute Santa:

On the Reroute Santa website, kids can tell Santa where they are traveling to on Christmas, and receive a message back from Santa confirming they have made a note of where they will be on Christmas.

Are you spending Christmas in your RV? What is your experience on Santa finding your RV? Share with us in a comment below!

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