5 Tips for Spending Christmas In Your RV

Hello Campers!

Christmas season is here!

Christmas in your RV is perfect for spending quality time with your family and having the touch of camping!

There are many different reasons that you may want to spend Christmas in your RV and here are some tips for you:

1.) Extra Space:

Renting an RV for Christmas is perfect for family who may be coming to visit and you may not have the extra space in your home. Renting can also be beneficial if you are wanting to change up your holiday routine and you aren't sure if you are ready to commit to purchasing.

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2.) New Tradition:

Have you recently gotten married or have children? it may be time to start your own holiday traditions, RV'ing is a great way to change up the normal routine and enjoy the outdoors while staying warm in your RV!

3.) Decorating your RV:

Decorating your RV can be a fun activity for the whole family, hang christmas lights around your RV and set up a small christmas tree in your living room. Store secret gifts in the cargo area of your RV.

4.) RV Resorts & Campgrounds:

RV resorts are filled with fun activities to enjoy the holidays, many resorts hold pot luck dinners and have events happening to bring everyone together! Make sure to make a reservation ahead of time and bring your christmas decorations because most RV'ers at resorts during the holidays have their rigs decorated.

5.) Ski Resorts with Campgrounds:

Be sure to call in advance but many Ski Resorts allow dry camping or boon-docking in their parking lot or have a year round RV resort near by, ski'ing and RV'ing is the perfect way to spend christmas outdoors and in your RV.

Have you ever spent Christmas in your RV?

Share some of your holiday traditions with us in a comment below!

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