Thanksgiving On The Road

Hello Campers!

If you are a full-time RV'er or a snow bird, many of you may be spending Thanksgiving in your rig, with more limited space than being at home, we have some tips on how to have the best Thanksgiving in your RV!

Turkey Time:

RV ovens are much smaller than your traditional oven at home but that doesn't mean you have to cross off having a turkey on your menu!

-Option 1.) Get a smaller roasting pan and turkey to fit into your RV oven

-Option 2.) Whole Chicken or Cornish Game Hen

-Option 3.) Grill or Smoke Your Turkey

-Option 4.) Electric Turkey Roasters

-Option 5.) Turkey Deep Fryer

There are so many options available to get your Turkey ready for Thanksgiving Day!


Since you have limited space in your RV kitchen its best to choose the less complicated recipes for your side dishes to keep it simple! Cooking some sides ahead of time will cut your cooking time down and will save you some space.

Using a Crock Pot is also a great idea and you can make some delicious recipes!

Here are some great Thanksgiving Crock Pot Recipes:

Table Space:

There's no hiding that in many RV's there are limited table space, some rigs have kitchen islands you can use for a more buffet style dinner and others have table extensions that you can put into your dining room table to make a larger space for your guests. Depending on your location, another great option is to put a picnic table or two outside your rig and decorate with a festive table mat and enjoy the weather, your meal and your company!


If you are planning on having guests attend Thanksgiving Dinner in your rig, the biggest thing you may be worried about is space. Depending on the weather, playing games outside or having patio furniture can welcome your guests to sit outside and enjoy some appetizers while you finish cooking!

RV Parks & Campgrounds:

Many RV Parks hold a community dinner for their guests staying in the park, sometimes these dinners are pot lucks with food brought from other guests and yourself, this is a great way to meet people and socialize among other guests.

Restaurant Style:

If you want to skip cooking for yourself, many restaurants are open for Thanksgiving and provide a traditional Thanksgiving Meal with turkey, cranberry sauce, rolls, etc.

Check your local restaurants to see if they will be open for the holiday.

Give Thanks:

The great thing about giving thanks is that you can do it anywhere! No matter where you are spending Thanksgiving this year, be sure to take time and remain grateful for where you are and the things that you have!

I think we covered it all on this week's blog! Have you ever had Thanksgiving in your RV? How did it go? Please share your experience or photos with us in a comment below!

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