6 Reasons Why Fall RV'ing is The Best

Hello Campers!

Fall is right around the corner, are you getting ready to put your RV in storage? While many RV'ers are, some are just getting ready to hit the road in their RV. Why? There are many benefits to RV'ing in the Fall compared to any other season. Here are a few reasons why Fall is the perfect season to enjoy camping:

1.) Fall Colors:

Autumn is the perfect season to travel and see some of the most beautiful landscape colors around the USA, National State Parks are the perfect destination to those who want to see these colors and enjoy the fall season.

Take a look at the US Forest Service Fall Color Guide to see where the fall colors are turning around you:


2.) Perfect Weather:

If you live in a hot or dry climate, fall is the perfect escape to a cooler condition for RV'ing. The average temperature for the autumn season in all states is a high of 72.7 degrees in Florida and a low of 26.7 degrees in Alaska. This is a perfect time to enjoy the RV lifestyle in a temperature that is comfortable.

3.) Fall Festivals:

As fall approaches quickly, many cities and towns across the USA hold their Annual Fall Festivals. Many RV'ers travel to attend these events for the fresh apple cider, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, live music, and more. This is the perfect RV adventure for all, check out your local areas for Fall Festivals and events happening near you.

4.) Campground Fun:

As many campgrounds close for the winter months, many of them make a last hooray out of Halloween time. Decorate your RV and set up at your favorite campground to spend time with your family and neighbors to carve pumpkins, enjoy the nearest pumpkin patches and corn mazes and sit around the campfire to tell your favorite ghost stories.

5.) Less Crowds:

Popular RV'ing areas and campgrounds can get very crowded or booked up during peak summer weekends. Fewer people camp during the fall season, which means reduced prices at campgrounds, less noise and more adventure for you!

6.) Say Goodbye to Bugs:

During the fall season, pesky bugs like mosquitos, gnats, and flies have more than likely ended their attacks so you can enjoy RV'ing without the necessary drenching of bug spray to keep them away. Enjoy your RV adventure, Bug Free!

Do you enjoy camping in the Fall? Where is your favorite Fall RV Destination?

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