Road Trip? 4 Places Along The Way That You Can Park Your RV For Free:

Hello Campers!

Are you planning an RV Road Trip? If you are in route and don't plan on staying at campgrounds, there are some places that you can park your RV overnight for free!

1.) Truck Stops:

Truck Stops aren't only for loaded semi trucks, You can park your RV overnight at these stops. Just be sure to be courteous of other drivers and leave the next morning in a timely manner.

2.) Rest Areas:

Just like Truck Stops, you can stay comfortably in these areas. Since rest areas are right next to the road, be sure to park correctly and stay for a short period of time.

3.) Casinos:

Many casinos allow overnight parking for RV's. Some casinos have specific parking spots for RV's, it's best to look around the parking lot for these spots.

4.) Wal-Mart:

Wal-Mart is the #1 recognized place among RV'ers to park overnight for free. Be sure to park in the back of the parking lot away from customers and entrances. Many Wal-Mart locations even have specific parking spots for RV's.

Have you parked overnight in a public area with your RV? Share your experience with us in a comment below!