RV Traffic Laws

Hello Campers!

Whether you are just thinking about purchasing an RV or you're an avid RV'er, here are some RV Traffic Laws that everyone should be aware of when owning, purchasing and even renting an RV:

RV Size:

Check your RV Manual or ask your dealership for specifics on weight requirements and necessary safety items that your RV requires such as a breakaway switch, safety chains or trailer brakes.

RV Hitches:

Some states have different hitch requirements depending on your RV model. Make sure to research the state you live in or travelling through to get the specific laws on your RV hitches and brakes.

Trailer Lights:

ALWAYS do a light check before getting on the road with your travel trailer or fifth wheel. Be sure to press the brakes, turn on signals, headlights, parking lights and hazards to make sure they are working properly, it is extremely dangerous to be on the road without working lights, especially in bad weather.

Driving your RV:

No matter if this is your first RV purchase or you have been a previous RV owner, it's best to take some time to practice driving your RV. Make sure to practice wide turns, parking and backing up. Always be sure to drive the speed limit and to be aware of your surroundings while in transit. Your RV is larger than your car, and has more potential blind spots, this makes it more difficult to see the other vehicles around you.

Special License:

To drive the majority of RV's, most states don't require you to obtain a special license. Experienced drivers are already equipped with the skills needed to drive or tow an RV. Although, if you own a very large motorhome, you may need to check with your local DMV to see if they require a special test for a different class of drivers license.

Seat Belts:

Be sure to check each states seat belt requirements for RV's, although some states don't require the back passengers in your RV to be buckled, it's in the best interest for the safety of your passengers to be seated and buckled at all times.

You can check the seat belt requirements for each state on the website below:


Have you ran across specific RV Traffic Laws on your RV journey? Share them with us in a comment below!