RV'ing During Monsoon Season: What You Need To Know

Monsoon season started here in Arizona on June 15th, and this year has been big for the rainy season, as much as many of us Arizonans enjoy rain, it can make for an unpredictable camping trip, here's some tips on what you can do while RV'ing to stay safe and still have an enjoyable time:

1.) Check Weather Conditions:

Before heading out on your RV Trip, make sure to check the weather conditions on your route and at your destination. If you get caught in a monsoon storm, make sure to pull off the road in a safe spot and wait for the storm to clear. The good thing about monsoons is that they don't last fairly long.

2.) Cell Phone Weather Alerts:

Make sure to have your cell phone turned on when you are traveling and during monsoon season, if a flash flood is in your area you will get a loud buzzing alert on your phone warning you of the flash flood.

3.) Secure Your Outside Items and Awning:

Before a monsoon hits, make sure to clear your patio of all loose items and to secure your awning. It can get very windy when a monsoon hits and you don't want those loose items to damage your RV (or someone else's).

4.) RV'ing with Pets?

If you are traveling with your pets, make sure to bring them inside your RV when a monsoon is nearby. Many animals are afraid of the lightening and thunder that comes along with a monsoon, do not keep them on a leash or roaming free outside of your RV, they could run away or get hurt while on a leash trying to escape because of their overwhelming fear.

5.) Flooding:

If flooding is starting to happen in your area, the best thing to do is to stay put, do not try to drive your RV in the water, you could get stuck or cause damages to your RV. Call for help is flooding is starting to become extreme.And always remember to have your RV ready in case you need to be evacuated.

Do you have any tips for RV'ing during monsoon season? or any stories to share with our fellow readers? If so, please share with us in a comment below! We would love to hear from you!

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