4 Things That Should Stay Behind When RV'ing

Hello Campers!

We have talked a lot about what to bring when you are planning your RV Vacation, but have you ever thought about what not to bring?

Here are a few things you should plan on leaving behind when you are hitting the road in your RV.

1.) Bundles of Firewood:

Ever pack your storage compartments full of firewood just to get to your campground or destination and realize you can purchase it almost anywhere?

Don't waste your storage space on firewood when you could be using it on other items.

2.) Too Much Canned Food:

In other blogs we have talked about planning your meals before hitting the road. Your RV Cabinet space is limited, don't fill your cabinetry full of canned food that you won't eat, it's best to plan your meals properly. You will save money, space and a headache when you are trying to decide what meal to make out of what you have.

3.) Electronic Devices:

Although we do recommend bringing your cell phone for emergency situations, RV'ing is all about spending time with family and unplugging from the internet world. For full relaxation and the experience of nature, leave behind your Laptop, X-box, I-pads, etc.

4.) Stress:

Being in nature, spending quality time with family and exploring the great outdoors has its benefits to health and relieving stress. Try to hit the road with an open mind and leave your work, family, or personal stress behind! Enjoy your trip!

Do you have any recommendations on what to leave behind when RV'ing? Please share with us in a comment below!