Tips To Keep Your RV Cool This Summer

Hello Campers!

Summer is approaching very quickly and the temperature is rising here in Arizona. We have put together a list of ways to keep your RV cool this summer:

1.) Proper Ventilation In Your RV:

Make sure to have vent covers on the vents of your RV, You can also install vent fans to provide a circulation of cool air into your RV. Also, try to keep the doors closed as much as possible to keep the hot air out.

2.) Keep up with Air Conditioner Maintenance:

Make sure to keep up with proper air conditioner maintenance, check the filters frequently and keep them clean. Don't head out on your adventure without properly checking your air conditioner.

3.) Stay in the Shade:

Bring down the day/night shades on your windows when you are in the heat to keep the sun out. If you have a motorhome, cover the windshield. When you are boon-docking, try to stay in the shady areas, if you are staying at a campground, ask if there are any available shady sites. Keeping your awning out will also provide a good amount of shade when you are outside and to keep the side of your RV cool.

4.) Keep Lighting Down:

During the day, reduce the lighting in your RV by turning off unused lights and appliances that aren't being used.

5.) Plan Your Meals:

While planning your meals and trying to keep heat out of your RV, its best to cook outside. Grilling or cooking over a campfire is your best bet for a great meal and reduced heat in your RV!

Check out our Pinterest page for grilling and over the fire meals!

Do you have tips or tricks for keeping your RV cool during the summer? Please share with us in a comment below!

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