RV'ing In High Winds

There's no doubt it has been extremely windy here in Prescott, Arizona lately. Wind can make you rethink your weekend RV trip. If you are already on the road when these wind storms hit, you will want to use extreme caution while trying to get from Point A to B. Here are some tips if you are traveling in windy conditions:

1.) Drive Slowly:

Slow down while driving in windy conditions, big gusts can come at random times and can cause major accidents if you are going fast. Drive very slowly and once you get to a safe area, pull over until it passes and you can get back on the road safely.

2.) Keep Both Hands on The Wheel:

Pay close attention while driving, keep both hands firmly on the wheel to help prevent the wind from moving your RV into the next lane.

3.) Take Frequent Breaks:

Driving in windy or stormy conditions can be stressful. Pull over in safe areas such as rest stops or open parking lots and allow yourself to take a break.

4.) Pay Close Attention to Vehicles Around You:

Be aware of the vehicles around you, if you are moving slowly, many cars may want to pass you, allow them to pass safely at the right time and remain on the right side of the road. Sudden gusts of wind can cause any vehicle to blow off course so pay close attention to those around you as well as your own vehicle.

5.) Know When to Stop For The Night:

When driving in high winds is too much of a challenge, don't be afraid to pull over or head to the nearest campground for the night. Although you might be on a time frame or it may not be in your plans, its better to be safe than sorry. Take a rest for the night and restart your journey in the morning.

6.) Keeping the Exterior of your RV Safe:

If you are already parked or at your final destination, keep your exterior safe by removing any outside components that may cause damage to your RV in high winds. Make sure your awning is completely in and that your outside storage compartment doors are closed and locked. Also make sure to fold up all lawn chairs and other items that may blow away in these conditions. This may seem like common sense for most, but its easy to get caught in the moment when these conditions occur unexpectedly.

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