Mother's Day RV Trip

Mother's Day is approaching quickly, and if you are a family that loves to RV, a weekend RV trip to spoil mom is a great option. There are tons of places to go to for a weekend adventure no matter where you live. There's nothing better than spending quality time together as a family and what a better way to do it than to go RV'ing! We have put a list together of great ideas on camping ideas to surprise mom on Mother's Day this year:

1.) Lake RV Trip:

Pack up your RV and hit the road to the nearest lake (Or a lake that your mom has never been to) Include fun activities such as fishing, kayaking, or sitting around the campfire. No matter what activities you choose, moms love to spend quality time with their family! A lake is a great destination for Mother's Day.

2.) Beach Weekend:

Jump in the RV and take your mother to the nearest beach. Theres nothing more relaxing than kicking back at the beach in the sun and spending time with your family. Mom's love being oceanside, pick a campground near the beach for easy access and a stress free Mother's Day!

3.) Mountain Trip:

If you are located near us in Prescott, Arizona. There's tons of destinations in the mountains that call for a perfect camping weekend. Pack up your RV and dry camp in a location thats nearest to you.

4.) Hiking Trip:

Dry Camping and Hiking is a perfect combination! Take your mom to her favorite camping location and hit the trails. It's a perfect way to spend a day with your mom!

Have you ever been camping for Mothers Day? What tips would you give?

Let us know in a comment below!

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