Important Steps In Planning Your Next RV Trip:

Hello Fellow Campers! It's camping season and this week we want to talk about planning your RV trips and what steps are necessary so you can an easy going adventure in your RV!

We have put together a simple and straight forward list to get you started on planning:

1.) Plan Your Route:

Although RV'ing is a lot about adventure and exploring, it's best to have a good idea on where you are headed from A to B, and which route you are going to take to get there. Start with a map or writing down your destination goals, if there are some scenic stops you'd like to take along the way, highlight those stops on your map so you can easily spot when they are approaching them.

2.) Plan Around Traffic:

If you are taking a highway or high traffic road to get to your destination, you might want to take into consideration the traffic that you may run into along the way, especially if you are on a time frame. Educate yourself on which areas might have rush hour delays and when you should be arriving in that area.

3.) Know Your Time Frame:

Once you know where you are headed and have planned out your route, make sure you plan out driving time accordingly. You may have to make some pit stops on the way for sightseeing or meals, and you might run into traffic delays. Make sure to add these delays into your timeline for your trip and plan what time of the day you would like to reach your destination.

4.) Trip Budget:

We always recommend planning out and writing down your budget before hitting the open road. Write a list of your expected budget for meals, groceries, gas, campground fees and have a safe amount for any kind of emergency. We also recommend calling the campgrounds that you plan on staying at and knowing exactly how much they charge per night.

5.) Check the Maintenance on Your RV:

Never hit the open road without checking all the maintenance on your RV. Check the tire pressure on all your tires, check all electrical units, check for all known damage of your RV (such as any dings, cracks, scrapes, etc.), Check the awning and seals, and check the roof for any cracks. If you have a motorhome we recommend starting your rig up and taking it for a test drive at least a week before your trip in case there is anything you need to get fixed before your trip. You can also always call our Service Department and have your coach checked for all maintenance before you leave.

Do you have any tips for fellow RV'ers that are planning their next adventure? What helps you plan for your trips?

Let us know in a comment below!

Thanks for tuning into The Affinity RV Blog & Happy Camping!

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