Spring Cleaning Your RV

Spring is here and that means most of you RV'ers are getting ready to hit the road to some amazing destinations! Getting your RV prepared comes with some spring cleaning to make sure your maintenance is up to date so you can enjoy stress free vacations this season! We have developed a Spring Cleaning Checklist so you can quickly and easily make sure your RV is ready to hit the open road when you are!

1.) Make sure your RV is up to date on maintenance:

Call our service department and schedule an appointment for one of our professionals to look over your RV and make sure your maintenance is in good condition. You don't want to have any mishaps while you are out enjoying your RV.

2.) Check for damages on the interior and exterior of your RV:

Make sure there are no broken seals, your awning is working properly, your tires are in good condition, and there is no cracks on the exterior body or roof of your RV.

3.) Check your interior appliances:

Go through the kitchen in your RV and test the condition of all your appliances.

4.) Check all electrical connections:

Go through the exterior and interior of your RV and test all the electrical connections.

5.) Organize your RV:

Take some time to swap out all your winter items for spring & summer items. Clean out the closet of all your winter clothing and shoes (Remember to leave a rain coat), and switch your bedding to lighter sheets. It's important to organize your RV seasonally to make sure you have everything you may need.

6.) Deep Clean the Exterior and Interior of your RV:

You want your rig to be shiny and spotless when you hit the road again, make sure to take some time to clean thoroughly inside and outside your RV, after all, there's nothing better than a clean RV!

7.) Renew and Update your Insurance Policy on your RV:

Call your insurance company and make sure your policy is up to date on your RV. Also print out your insurance cards and keep them in a safe and easily accessible area in your rig.

Do you have any Spring Cleaning tips to share with us and our readers? We would love to hear from you! Comment below!

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