Spending Easter in your RV

We are getting very close to Easter and if you don't have any plans yet, RV'ing is a great option for spending Easter with your loved ones or solo.

If you are already on the road in your RV, many RV Parks have special Easter activities that you can participate in such as campground Easter Egg Hunts, Meals, Sunrise Services, Games, Etc. its truly a fun experience for everyone!

If you are boon-docking you can set up your own Easter Egg Hunts or participate in outdoor activities with your loved ones where ever you decide to set up camp.

If you have family meal traditions, you don't have to miss out on them either! You can enjoy a big easter meal right in the comfort of your RV. We have tons of recipes on our Pinterest for your viewing (See link below).

Another great Easter Activity for the whole family is Egg Decorating. Set up a table outside and have fun getting together and decorating your Easter Eggs as a family. Decorating Eggs in an outdoor atmosphere will put a smile on everyones faces!

RV'ing with your family over a holiday, such as Easter, is a great opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones, kick back and relax!

Have you ever spent Easter RV'ing? Share your experience or family traditions with us in a comment below!

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