The Perfect RV Destinations in Arizona

Whether you are a local in Arizona or just passing through on your RV adventure, there are TONS of great places to stop along the way right here in Arizona. Here is a list of only a few of the many wonderful RV Destinations in Arizona that we have put together for you:

1.) Prescott, Arizona

Home of Affinity RV and also many RV Parks, lakes, outdoor activity and cool weather, it's no wonder Prescott is a popular destination to RV'ers. If you stop in Prescott, we recommend checking out the lakes around the area, Willow Lake and Lynx Lake are both beautiful spots with some great camping areas around them.

2.) Sedona, Arizona

Filled with the Red Rocks and beautiful scenery, Sedona has been named frequently for being one of the Most Beautiful Places in the United States, this makes it a must see attraction for RV'ers. Camp your heart out in the middle of red rock country.

3.) Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu is a great place for fun and RV'ing! There are tons of RV Parks and camping areas to spend adventure filled days with your loved ones. The best time to set up camp is between fall and spring where there is mild temperatures and a lot of activities happening around the area.

4.) Flagstaff, Arizona

With tons of RV Parks and outdoor recreation, Flagstaff is a perfect destination to get out of the Arizona heat. Hit the hiking trails or grab your fishing pole and head to the nearest lake, you're in for some fun if you are RV'ing here!

5.) The Grand Canyon

Last but not least, if you are RV'ing in Arizona The Grand Canyon is a must see attraction! There are dozens of RV parks in the area! You will also find Grand Canyon RV Parks in Williams, and Flagstaff which is roughly about 70 miles from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Where are your favorite RV Destinations in Arizona? Please share with us in a comment below!