Tips for RV Beginners

If you are new to the RV Lifestyle, there is a lot to learn and it can become overwhelming. Here are some tips that we have found to be helpful after our years in the RV industry.

1.) Spend time finding the PERFECT RV to fit your wants & needs:

There are tons of different makes and models of coaches. Spend some time with your Sales Consultant and discuss your plans for RV'ing, whether you are planning on full time RV'ing or looking for a coach just for weekend getaways with your family, your Sales Consultant will help you in making sure you are getting into the right RV to fit your future RV Lifestyle.

2.) Spend Time Getting to Know Your RV:

At Affinity RV, A certified RV Technician will do a walk through with you the day you pick up your new rig. Write notes, and spend the time asking questions so you are knowledgable about your new RV. Some Customers even video record the walk through so they can look back at it in the future if they forget something.

3.) Learn How to Properly Drive & Park your RV:

Take practice drives and practice parking in parking spots, your own driveway, and spaces similar to camp spots. Take smaller trips and get used to switching lanes, parking, and turning around.

4.) Spend Time Planning your Trips:

It may be tempting to take a spontaneous trip in your new RV, but make sure you have everything together before hitting the open road. Plan your meals properly, Go through your maintenance checklist, Plan the route you are taking and an alternative route in case of road closures, bad weather, etc. Also make sure you call the campgrounds you are planning on staying ahead of time to make sure they are open, allow pets, or have any open spaces available for that night.

5.) Spend Time Getting a Tool Kit Together:

Make sure you have a tool kit with you while traveling and bring the things along that you might need such as: light bulbs, extra fuses, tire pressure gauge, jumper cables, nuts, bolts, screwdriver, etc.

Do you have any tips for first time RV'ers?

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