5 Tips for RV'ing with Pets

If you are planning on bringing your furry friend along for the ride on your next RV adventure, there are some things to keep in mind before hitting the open road with your pet!

1.) Call Campgrounds Ahead of Time:

Call all the campgrounds that you are planning on staying at during the duration of your trip. Make sure you are aware ahead of time if there are pet fees for the campground or if pets are allowed on the premises. Some campgrounds even have a limit to how many pets that are allowed, they also might have breed restrictions so be sure to ask.

2.) Make Sure Your Pet is up to Date on All Their Vaccinations: Before you head out on your road trip make sure to get your pet all their vaccinations and to check for fleas and ticks. Also if your pet needs medications make sure you get them filled and have them on hand.

3.) Tags & Collars:

Make sure your pets collar is tagged properly with your address and cell phone number. Since you will be in different areas you will want someone to be able to get ahold of you in case your pet gets lost or wanders off.

4.) Food & Water:

If you are going to be in a remote area you want to make sure you have enough food and water for your pet in case of an emergency or a break down.

5.) Be Prepared to Clean Up After Your Pet:

Keep the wilderness and campgrounds clean by always coming prepared to clean up after your animal. Keep bags or sacks in your RV to clean up their messes in the area.

Have you ever gone RV'ing with your pet? Do you have any stories or advice to share with us and our readers?

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